End-to-end innovation in digital debt management

End-to-end innovation in digital debt management


Qualco can swiftly adapt under difficult situations.

Qualco are one of a very few technology platforms that offer end-to-end solutions in debt management. FinTech Futures’ Georgina Treloar, spoke with Spyros Retzekas, COO, about what’s helped the business thrive since it was founded 20 years ago, challenges within the digital debt landscape, investing in people, and what’s to come.

Can you name one trait that has been key to Qualco’s success?

Agility. Anyone succeeding at the intersection of tech and finance knows how quickly the landscape can change. Being agile has helped us cope with regulation, compliance, and social and economic changes – especially across markets. As I often say, Qualco is a chameleon company; it can swiftly adapt under difficult situations.

                                                               “An end-to-end approach must underpin everything.”

What are the challenges of delivering a full-service debt management platform?

Whilst being full-service provides major competitive advantages to our clients, it challenges us to maintain true seamlessness across how we design, implement, deliver and support our products. An end-to-end approach must underpin everything to deliver seamless debt management capabilities to clients managing complex and diverse portfolios – and know how and where to add value.

“We’re investing a lot in AI…”

Can automation increase debt repayment rates?

With in-house data and analytics expertise, we’ve been able to develop automation processes that keep end customers engaged and more willing to examine solutions to help them repay their debt. We’re investing a lot in AI and we’re confident that in the next twelve months we’ll be able to offer even more in this area.

Equally, we’re always conscious of the human element, and respectfully follow guidelines on vulnerable customers who may be dealing with sensitive issues such as mental health. Treating customers fairly (TCF) guidelines are embedded in how we design our products, and we support initiatives like the campaign against living miserably (Calm) in the UK and similar ones in a number of European markets.

 “We’re also extremely proud of our people…”

You recently signed a major pan-European contract with Intrum. What next for Qualco?

We’re very proud that Intrum has chosen Qualco as a partner; we are a pan-European tech provider that’s flexible enough to compete in local markets, which makes us ideal. Our goal is to become the de facto technology vendor in the collections and recoveries space, at least within Europe. To do this, we’ll keep investing heavily in our products and the underlying architecture and technology and complete our transition to a full cloud platform.

We’re also extremely proud of our people, who are by far the biggest asset of Qualco. The accumulated mental capital within our organisation is something unique and we’ll continue to invest in that, too.

How easy is it to lead a fast-growing technology company?

Challenging and tough but extremely interesting; It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Together with my team and with continuous support from our Chairman, CEO and board members we are transforming Qualco into an international software business. A difficult journey, but one worth doing.

By Georgina Treloar, senior staff writer, FinTech Futures

Qualco a leading provider of debt management software solutions and services, was founded in 1998 and now has over 250 employees with over 70 customers in more than 30 countries. It has offices in the UK, Greece, France, Cyprus and Brazil.

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